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Age : 46
Nationality : Philippines
Domicile : Pasay City, Philippines



Over the course of my 20+ year career in the oil and gas industry, I have garnered experience in the entire project lifecycle, from Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) to mechanical completion. My journey has led me to the esteemed position of Senior Engineer.
I have been engaged in overseas project sites as a Field Engineer. I have successfully collaborated with various subcontractors and liaised effectively with clients, showcasing my adaptability and cross-functional teamwork.
I've had the privilege of assuming the role of Project Manager in some projects which I was able to show my expertise in project management.
I am presently a senior manager for a renewable project in the Philippines.

With over two decades of experience in the industry, I am confident in my ability to bring exceptional value to the company. My background spans from Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) to hands-on involvement in mechanical completion, both within the office and on-site. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to contribute my extensive expertise and go above and beyond the company's expectations.


  • Japanese

Basic Greetings Level

  • English


  • Computer Software

MS Office



Technological University of the Philippines

Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering


2019 - present


2000 - 2019


  1. JGC Yokohama <2008 - 2009> <2009 - 2014>
  2. Ras Laffan, Qatar <2006 - 2007>
  3. Sohar, Oman <2002 - 2006>
  4. Ourhood, Algeria <2001 - 2002>



LUMINO CAPITAL LLC <2019 - present>

Projects Involved:

  • -----

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Act as Senior Manager specializing on the technical aspect of the project. Management role also includes other aspect such as resources allocation, administration and financial decisions for the Philippine Office.
  • Report to the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Technical Director and is the Head of the Technical Group for the Philippine team.
  • Manage, initiates, plan, execute, monitor and control the technical aspect of the project as planned and agreed.
  • Coordinate with other groups internal to the company, contractors and government agencies for the technical aspect as well as pertinent permit applications.
  • Review all the technical documentations and sees to it that the deliverables are as per project requirement and budget.



JGC PHILIPPINES, INC. <2000 - 2014>

Projects Involved:

  • Various Petron Feasibility Studies, Proposals and Projects Sarangani Energy Corporation II Project (SEC2) (Saranggani, Mindanao) <June 2016 ~ February 2019>
  • SWEET Project Feasibility Study / Cost Estimation for Unit Technology Development for Biofuels Project Development for Biofuels Project (Capiz, Philippines) <November 2015 ~ June 2016>
  • Amine Oxide Peroxidation Process (Batangas, Philippines) <May 2014 ~ May 2015>
  • Isabela Bio-Ethanol and Cogeneration Project PETRONAS MLNG Train-9 Project
  • In-Amenas Compression Project (Yokohama/Isabela) <November 2009 ~ May 2014>
  • Yanbu Energy Refinery Project (Yokohama, Japan) <Nov 2009 ~ March 2010>
  • National Chevron Philips (NCP) Project (Yokohama, Japan) <January 2008 ~ February 2009>

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Act as Project Manager in the planning and management of the project starting from project acquisition until mechanical completion.
  • Act as Deputy Project Manager and assists the Project Manager in coordinating all contractual, design drawing and project specification requirements.
  • In-charge in government permit application such as Department of Energy, Philippine Economic Zone Authority and Local Government permits.
  • Facilitate job interfacing with various Client, Discipline, Subcontractors and Vendors.
  • Control and monitor all day-to-day activities to ensure project is executed based on plan and expectations.
  • Handle and control documentation, distribution of project documents, provides information and prepare correspondences to Clients, Disciplines, Subcontractors and Vendors.
  • Prepares and conducts 3D model review for Client.
  • Attends pre-bid meeting and site surveys with Client and other Subcontractors.
  • Verifies and confirms Client ITB requirement.
  • Study, create and collates all ITB related documents
  • Creates the Technical and Commercial Proposal Binders to be submitted to Client
  • Makes queries to Client and answers all Client queries with regards to the submitted proposal




Projects Involved:

  • Dolphin Project (Ras Laffan, Qatar) <October 2006 ~ April 2007>
  • Sohar Refinery Project (Sohar, Oman) <July 2002 ~ October 2006>
  • Ourhood Project (Ourhood, Algeria) <October 2001 ~ July 2002>

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Assists in the development and establishment of the construction schedule and pertinent report documents needed in the construction phase.
  • Coordinates with the Construction Group, Yokohama Operations Center Engineering, Field QA/QC, Commissioning Team and Client for engineering deliverables such as queries on the documents, design changes, etc.
  • Support the Construction Group in the troubleshooting of engineering problems and clarifications from Vendors and Subcontractors derived from engineering deliverables to allow them to concentrate on supervision of construction activities.
  • Responsible for the line checking of the different areas under construction.
  • Coordinates and oversee the construction progress making sure that work is finished
    based on plan and 02expectation.
  • Work also includes On-Site Project Management, Project Coordination and Controls, Schedule Monitoring, Project Monthly Report Review, Contract Administration, Punch List Management, Warranty Review, Procurement and Document As-builting Management.


弊社員からのリファーラル人材になります。彼はプロジェクトエンジニアで、JGCのバックボーンを有するエンジニアです。2019年コロナ禍にJGCフィリピンを離れ、個人事業でICE PLANTを立ち上げましたが、すぐに失敗に終わり、現在はLUMINO CAPITALで働いています。この会社SOLA PANELなどのカーボン・ニュートラル企業だそうです。転職理由は長年日本に滞在した経験から日本の環境が気に入っている事と経済的な問題も含めたエントリーでした。彼のキャリアは、JGCでのプロジェクトエンジニアとして20年以上の経験を持ち海外現場経験も豊富です。Construciton Managerレベルの仕事もこなす即戦力としても期待できます。人柄については非常に落ち着いており、何事も動じないボスといった雰囲気があります。