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Age : 36
Nationality : Philippines
Domicile : Manila, Philippines



I have a total of thirteen (13) years of working experience in Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Energy and Infrastructure Industry in different countries like Philippines, Japan and France.
I have been working with JGC as Senior Purchaser/Expediter of Piping, Electrical, Instrument, Equipment, Civil materials for Nine (9) years. Also have been assigned in JGC Japan for three (3) years as Equipment, Instrument, Electrical Purchaser/Expediter and MER Coordinator, Three (3) months assignment in Paris Technip France for Eni Coral Project as a Senior Purchaser/Expediter. I have also been assigned as Purchaser for a maintenance project from which I’ve been exposed to handling urgent deliveries of materials and close coordination with site engineers. I have handled local EPC and EPCM projects which require full coordination from engineering to construction. I was assigned as Material Controller for Shell NMIF PJ. I was assigned as PPM for SMC 150MWdc Lucanin Solar Power Project which I manage buyers and establish Procurement Cost Estimate including material and transport cost. Lead Purchaser for Tanawon PJ and PMI Additional Solar PV Project which I perform the same activity and output. Currently I am assigned as Lead Buyer for Sakura PJ in Thailand which I am work/guide/manage 2 buyers under me for EQP, ROT and CVL items.
Further, I have worked for more than four (4) years as Purchasing/Logistics coordinator in an oil and gas company engaged in exploration and production logistics services. My main role was to coordinate to all parties to make sure of smooth flow of operation, this includes supply chain management. I handle purchasing activities including expediting up to delivery to onshore/offshore site and reported directly to the client.

With international exposure and a wealth of skills, I contribute to project success. From procurement to negotiation and leadership, I bring value across diverse domains.


  • Japanese

Basic Greetings Level

  • English


  • Computer Software

Oracle, SAP, SPMAT



Batangas University

Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering


2013 ~ present

JGC Philippines

  1. JGC Yokohama <2015~2018>
  2. Technip France <Apr-2022 to Jul-2022>


Lead Purchaser

JGC Corporation <2022 - present>

Projects Involved:

  • Sakura Project (Execution)
  • Tanawon Geothermal Power Plant Project (Bidding)
  • PMI Zero Carbon Tech Additional Solar PV (Bidding)

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Prepare/Update Project Vendor List
  • Prepare Vendor Evaluation and Appraisal
  • Prepare/coordinate Negotiation Scenario for proper negotiation strategy
  • Prepare/Review Content of Purchase Order
  • Prepare/Review the content of Payment Endorsement to Vendors
  • Prepare/Review the content of Order Authorization
  • Identify Critical Materials and analyze its cost and schedule impact s and provides special handling methods
  • Check Purchasing Schedule prepared by Buyer
  • Check the Requisition and Purchasing Status Report and Inquiry Status Report prepared by Buyer
  • Check Bid Tabulation Sheet for evaluation purpose
  • Prepare cost estimate for all FWBS as per client latest addenda
  • Prepare MH Estimate and ManMob
  • Check Inquiry Status Report
  • Evaluate recommended technically and commercially acceptable vendors
  • Prepare cost estimate (OME)


Senior Purchaser/Expediter

Technip, France <2022 - 2022>

Projects Involved:

  • Eni Coral Project

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Dispatch Inquiry Package
  • Expedite Vendor Proposal
  • Evaluate Vendor Quotation
  • Negotiation
  • Recommendation of Vendor
  • Prepare and issue Purchase Order
  • Monitoring and expediting manufacturing of equipment/materials
  • Monitor’s delivery
  • SPMAT uploading


Project Procurement Manager

JGC Philippines <2022>

Projects Involved:

  • SMC 150MWdc Lucanin Solar Power Project (Bidding)

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Check Inquiry Status Report
  • Evaluate recommended technically and commercially acceptable vendors
  • Check Bid Evaluation Summary
  • Check Logistics Cost Estimate
  • Prepare Vendor List
  • Prepare MH Estimate and ManMob
  • Provides special handling methods for critical issues and analyzes its cost and schedule impact.



JGC Philippines <2017 - 2020>

Projects Involved:

  • SMC 150MW Combined Cycle Power Plant Project (Bidding)
  • South Ghawar Project
  • Banagas CGP-III Project

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Prepare Inquiry Package
  • Coordinate with discipline regarding technical evaluation and clarification17
  • Evaluate vendors quotation
  • Price Assessment
  • Prepare CCS and BES
  • Provide special handling methods for critical issues and analyze its cost and schedule impact.
  • Prepare Inquiry Package and inquire to potential vendors.
  • Check Inquiry Status Report.
  • Follow up latest revision of Requisition to be forwarded to vendors.
  • Prepare and update Requisition and Purchasing Status Report and Inquiry Status Report.
  • Negotiate and expedite early submission of vendors proposal.
  • Coordination with discipline regarding technical clarification and evaluation
  • Prepare Commercial Clarification to the inquired vendors.
  • Prepare Bid Tabulation Sheet for evaluation purpose.
  • Prepare Negotiation Scenarios prior the negotiation with short listed and prospective vendors.
  • Evaluate and recommend technically and commercially acceptable vendors.
  • Prepare Order Authorization.
  • Prepare Purchase Order and arrange for vendors acceptance.
  • Prepare Target Control Sheet


彼はプロキュアメントエンジニアとしての豊富な経験を持ち、Before POおよびAfter POの両段階での業務に精通しており、特にバイヤーとしてのスキルに長けています。幅広い材料のハンドリングが可能で、日本国内での3年間の実務経験を有しています。さらに、海外出張の経験も豊富で、3ヶ月にわたるパリでのテクニップでの経験もあります。