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Age : 32
Nationality : Philippines
Domicile : Mandaluyong City, Philippines



I am Human Resources Generalist with a rich background in managing various HR functions, spanning from recruitment and employee relations to training and career development. My career at Chiyoda Philippines Corporation, a subsidiary of Chiyoda Corporation in Japan, allowed me to gain extensive experience in overseeing global personnel support, mobility, and demobilization processes. I am well-versed in recruitment strategies, including innovative advertising campaigns and candidate assessment, with a focus on delivering a positive candidate experience. Additionally, I have managed various aspects of employee relations, public affairs, and CSR initiatives, demonstrating my ability to contribute effectively to organizational growth and development.

I excel in HR by seamlessly coordinating global personnel support and maintaining top-tier supplier relationships. My track record of optimizing recruitment strategies and fostering employee engagement underscores my ability to drive organizational success.


  • Japanese

Basic greeting level

  • English


  • Computer Software

MS Office



School of Education Liberal Arts Music and Social Work Centro Escolar University, Manila

Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication Broadcast


2015 - 2022

Chiyoda Philippines Corporation (Mandaluyong, Philippines)

  1. Chiyoda Corporation, Yokohama, Japan <2019>

2012 - 2014

Puyat Jacinto and Santos Law (Makati City)

2014 - 2015

Modair Manila Co. Ltd. Inc. (Makati City)


Human Resources Generalist lll

Chiyoda Philippines Corporation (Mandaluyong, Philippines) <2015 - 2022>

Projects Involved:

  • ------

Primary Responsibilities:

1. Recruitment

  • Job Posting, Recruiting and selecting professional and managerial individuals
  • Plan and conduct innovative employment advertising campaigns, Job Fairs, Engineering Events, Recruiting events, Company Talks, General Orientation Program
  • Review and analyze selected candidates
  • Ensure a positive candidate experience
  • Administer tests and interpret results
  • Plan the selection process including competencies to assess and interviewers
  • Complete all process requirements in compliance with all policy and regulatory requirements
  • Close requisitions and ensure the applicant tracking system is up to date

2. Employee and Labor Relations

  • Establish, Develop, Implement, and Communicate effectively company employee relations policy
  • Conduct on-boarding for new hires (GOP) and Company Orientation
  • Escalating complaints to the level of disciplinary or legal action whenever necessary
  • Process employee exit
  • Creates advisories/announcement and trainings for Mental Health
  • Assist with DOLE inspection
  • Committee Member for Department of Labor and Employment Family Welfare Program
  • PIC for submission of Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) Labor Situationer Monitoring Report
  • Prepares Monthly Attrition Report for internal and DOLE submission

3. Training and Career Development

  • Prepares training and career development plan
  • Organize and maintains training files (technical and non-technical)
  • Coordinates, monitors and reports attendance to external training programs
  • Conduct Post Training Evaluation Report
  • Monitors Technical Transfer Training Program (TTP) and jobsite reports
  • Coordinates and prepares Student OJT program
  • Prepares binding computation for external and overseas trainings
    Creates guide and procedure for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Accreditation

4. Employee Mobilization (Long-term and Business Trip)

  • Managing domestic and overseas training, assignments, and extensions, liaising with affiliates and managers to ensure smooth mobilization and demobilization processes.
  • Preparing visa requirements, conducting orientation seminars, and handling documentation. -
  • Analyzing employee concerns, revising policies, updating records, and facilitating payroll-related tasks for assignees.

5. Visa Expatriate, assist with the 9a, 472a, and EO226 visas and handles flight arrangement
6. Public Affairs/Events

  • Sourcing and accrediting third-party suppliers for various company needs, contract review, comparative analysis, and negotiation to optimize costs.
  • Assists with employee-related concerns, compensation requests, and engagement programs.
  • Manages the company's CSR strategy, event hosting, and documentation of volunteering initiatives.
  • Maintains records of company activities, assists with corporate document research
  • Serves as the Communication Officer for Health, Safety, Environment, and Security (HSES).


Overseas Assignment: Global Personnel Support Staff

Chiyoda Corporation, Yokohama, Japan <2019>

Projects Involved:

  • ------

Primary Responsibilities:

1. Assist in the overall operations of Global Personal Support Group

  • Tracks mobilization process of assignees

2. Recruitment

  • Assists with the orientation and arrange schedules for incoming assignees and notify all concerned parties
  • Sends introduction information for all new assignees
  • Attends meetings to raise and address concerns of PH-JP affiliates and resolves concerns
  • Coordinates with Manila-PIC to arrange documentati Social Security System under the supervision of a Japanese superior
  • Reminds assignees and coordinates with managers for KRA completion
  • Assist with DTR for assignees' payrol
  • Sends demobilization reminder and procedures
  • Handles and manages Flight arrangement and assist with external transportation request
  • Handles employee relations
  • Conducts events such as regular company safety drills and team buildings
  • Discuss and sends information regarding family invitation requests
  • Files various documents on document section
  • Attend calls for GPS Group


彼はEPC事業向けの人事部にて、採用、労務管理、キャリア開発、研修など、幅広い人事業務を経験しています。Chiyoda Philippinesでのキャリアにより、世界的な人材サポートと人材プロセス管理に関する幅広い経験を積んでいます。候補者の革新的な採用戦略の立案に力を入れ、組織の成長に貢献してきました。彼との面談では、8年間のHRコーディネーターとしての経験を高く評価しており、またコミュニケーション能力も高く、問題解決に真摯に向き合う姿勢も確認できました。人事業務における詳細な知識や業務に対する熱意が強かったと思います。