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MECHANICAL ENGINEER (Fired Heater and Combustion Package)

Age : 34
Nationality : Philippines
Domicile : Kobe, Hyogo, Japan



With 12 years of experience in the Oil & Gas field for EPC, FEED and Estimation of Fired Heater and Combustion Package Equipment. Have a broad mechanical engineering know-how with well-experienced in evaluation, procurement, and detail engineering such as Fired Heaters, Flares, Boiler, HRSGs and Incinerators. Have an adequate experience of site construction supervision activities for both vertical cylindrical and box type heater, and steam reformer package. With experience of pre-commissioning supervision activity for motor solo run tests of pumps and compressors.

I am seeking for a challenging position within a team-oriented organization that will utilize my skills and expertise, and will also help me enhance and improve my capabilities as an engineer. I am a team player with positive attitude towards work and colleagues in making contribution to the team's goal. I can bring energy and fun in the workplace to help minimize stress and pressure at work.


  • Japanese


  • English


  • Computer Software

Microsoft Office, Navisworks, AutoCAD, Adobe Acrobat, Blue Beam


2011 - 2023

Technological University of the Philippines

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering


2013 ~ present

Chiyoda Philippines

  1. Chiyoda Corporation Yokohama, Japan <2013 - 2014>
  2. Chiyoda-CTCI Joint Venture –Qatar <2015 - 2016>
  3. Chiyoda Corporation Yokohama, Japan <2018 -  2019>
  4. Chiyoda Corporation Yokohama, Japan <2022>


Lead Furnace and Combustion Engineer/Furnace and Combustion Engineer

Chiyoda Philippines <2011 - 2023>

Projects Involved:

  • Golden Pass LNG Export, GPX
  • Yosemite Olefins Furnace, GYO
  • Ichthys LNG Project, IGL
  • Baiji Iraq Project, BFP
  • FERTIL Project
  • Papua New Guinea LNG Project, PNG

Primary Responsibilities (as Lead Engineer):

  • Performs vendor clarification and technical bid evaluation for Boiler, Flare, HRSG and Thermal Oxidizer.
  • Performs vendor print review for Heat Recovery Steam Generator.
  • Prepares construction work volume for combustion equipment.
  • Performs requisition, work volume preparation, vendor clarification, cost bid tabulation and technical bid evaluation for Ethylene Cracking Furnace.
  • Performs vendor print review.

Primary Responsibilities (as Furnace and Combustion Engineer):

  • Prepare project documents (i.e. Data sheets, Requisition, Specification, etc.)
  • Act as Lead Engineer, Assistant Lead Engineer or PIC for certain projects.
  • Establish Project Execution Plan based on project requirements.
  • Provides assistance in the implementation of any training program within the group.
  • Instructs all team members for the quality and schedule of mechanical design works.
  • Attend Internal Quality Audit for the specific job. Maintain, control and monitor Quality Assurance Systems based on ISO 9001 and ensure project executions are based on ISO 27001 requirements.
  • Performs vendor print and 3D model comment close-out for Ground Flares.
  • Performs vendor print review for vertical cylindrical Fired Heater.
  • Preparation of CAD drawings and bill of materials for box type Fired Heater.
  • Performs vendor print review for box type Fired Heater.
  • Perform vendor print review for Ground Flares, Liquid Flare and Tankage Flares.
  • Attend Kick-Off meetings with Vendors together with Project Team and other related disciplines
  • Coordination with other disciplines, Client and Vendor.
  • Facilitate 3D model review and prepare 3D model comment close-out sheet.
  • Attend a HAZOP study meeting.
  • Support in review and checking of subcontractor drawings for Heat Recovery Steam Generators and Utility Boilers.


Mechanical Engineer

Chiyoda Corporation Yokohama, Japan <2022>

Projects Involved:

  • Manyar Smelter Project (MSP)

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Perform vendor print review for Stacks.
  • Coordination with other disciplines, Client and Vendor.
  • Attend and witness stack trial assembly at Vendor Fabrication Shop in Indonesia.
  • Close-out of Client comments on vendor prints and 3D model.


Requisition Engineer (Mechanical)

Chiyoda Corporation Yokohama, Japan <2018 - 2019>

Projects Involved:

  • Yosemite Olefins Furnace Project (GYO)

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Perform engineering and procurement works (i.e. requisition preparation, work volume calculation, vendor bid evaluation and vendor print review for Ethylene Furnace components and fabrication activity)
  • Facilitate Kick-Off meeting with Vendor for assigned Purchase Orders.
  • Coordination works with other disciplines, Client and Vendors.
  • 3D model coordinator for furnace equipment.


Fired Heater Supervisor/Motor Solo Run Supervisor

Chiyoda -CTCI Joint Venture, Qatar <2015 - 2016>

Projects Involved:

  • Laffan Refinery Project 2 (LR2)

Primary Responsibilities as Fired Heater Supervisor:

  • Supervise erection and construction of the following equipment:
    • 1 box type fired heater
    • 3 vertical cylindrical fired heaters
    • 1 steam reformer package

Primary Responsibilities as Motor Solo Run Supervisor:

  • Supervise solo run test of pump motors and compressor motors.




  1. オイル&ガス分野での10年以上の経験があり、燃焼ヒーターのEPC、FEED、見積もりなどを担当しております。燃焼パッケージ装置も専門領域です。
  2. 幅広い機械工学の知識を持ち、評価や調達に関する豊富な経験がございます。
  3. 焼却炉、フレア、ボイラー、HRSG(ヒートリカバリースチームジェネレータ)、焼却炉などの詳細設計を担当しました。
  4. 縦型円筒形や横型円筒形の現場施工管理の経験があります。
  5. 箱型ヒーターや蒸気改質器パッケージの経験があり、プレコミッショニングも実施しました。
  6. ポンプやコンプレッサーのモーター単独運転試験の監督業務も経験しております。